1. Beach Maintenance Advisory Committee

    The Beach Maintenance Advisory Committee (BMAC) reviews and makes recommendations regarding the restoration of Galveston beaches in terms of Park Board funding planning, budgeting and beach maintenance operations.

  2. Downtown Oversight Committee

    The Downtown Oversight Committee develops promotional strategies and recommendations for the allocation of funding generated from Downtown Parking and or other potential earmarked sources for the specific marketing and promotion of Downtown.

  3. East End Lagoon Advisory Committee

    The East End Lagoon Advisory Committee (EELAC) Reviews and recommends policy as it relates to the vision, resource allocations and overall operation of the East End Lagoon development and its related activities.

  1. Finance & Operations Committee

    The Finance and Operations Committee (FOC) reviews Park Board policies related to budgets, reserve funds, investments, retire plans and funds, insurance and other fiscal and operational matters.

  2. Parks & Amenities Committee

    The Parks and Amenities Committee (PAC) supports the Galveston Park Board of Trustees in the development of the physical assets under the Park Board of Trustee's stewardship, specifically, Stewart Beach, R.A. Apffel, Dellanera, Seawolf Park and the County Pocket Parks as regionally recognized tourism destinations which serve visitors and residents with first class services and amenities, are models of resiliency and sustainability and offer opportunities to create lifelong memories.

  3. Tourism Development Advisory Committee

    The Tourism Development Advisory Committee (TDAC) reviews Park Board policies as they relate to the planning, budgeting, organization, and overall operations of tourism development in Galveston.