Concessionaire program

Umbrellas on the seashore by a pier

Thank you for your interest in being a Beach Concessionaire.

Beach concessionaires are important to the beach experience for millions of guests who visit Galveston’s coast. The Park Board encourages minority owned and small businesses to consider operating in Galveston. 

The Park Board is committed to providing quality experiences for all visitors.

The Park Board of Trustees has approved a concessionaire program designed to ensure consistency and adherence to city and state regulations for those who operate businesses on Galveston’s beaches.

How do I apply to become a Beach Concessionaire?

To become a Beach Concessionaire, you must fill out a Beach Concessionaire Agreement Application (PDF) and submit it to

The following items are required to be submitted with the application:

  • Concessionaire Business Proposal (PDF), if applicant is not operating under a claim of private property.
  • Auto liability insurance for the tow vehicle and trailer operating on the beach.
  • General Liability policy in the amount of $1 million, listing the following as additional insureds:  
    • City of Galveston, 823 Rosenberg, Galveston, TX 77553
    • Park Board of Trustees of the City of Galveston, 601 Tremont Street, Galveston, TX  77550
  • State of Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit naming the City of Galveston as the local municipality
  • Health Permit from Galveston County Health District, if applying for food & beverage
  • Beach Patrol Permit for Water Safety (PDF)if applying for watercraft operations
  • Affidavit (PDF) regarding Beachfront Surface Rights, if applicant is operating under a claim of private property.
  • Survey of surface rights, if applicant is operating under a claim of private property. The following specifications are required for a survey to be considered valid:
    • The survey must be signed and sealed by a registered professional land surveyor.
    • A copy of the vesting deed must be included. 
    • Coordinates of the boundary lines must be provided in the Texas State Coordinate System of 1983, South Central Zone; and 
    • Coordinates of boundary lines must be expressed in U.S. Survey Feet.
  • $200.00 application fee via check (Application fee has been waived for 2023.)

For more information and further details, please see our current CONCESSIONAIRE POLICY (PDF) for 2023.

Important note:

Current and potential concessionaire partners with the Park Board of Trustees of the City of Galveston must complete the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (PDF) in accordance with Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code. In particular, please focus your attention to the following sections of the Code:

  • 1762 Applicable to Certain Vendors and Other Persons
  • 1766 Disclosure Requirement for Vendors and Other Persons: Questionnaire

Current Concessionaires

East Beach

  • East Beach Cantina (Food & Beverages, Umbrellas & Chairs)
  • Kona Ice (Frozen Treats)

Stewart Beach

  • Donut NV (Food & Beverages)
  • Island Ice (Frozen treats)
  • Johns Beach Service (Umbrellas & Chairs)


  • Beach Bums (Frozen Treats)
  • Serving Smiles (Frozen Treats & Beverages)
  • Shorecrest Sno (Frozen Treats)
  • Sugar, Spice, Everything Ice (Frozen Treats)
  • Beach Service LLC (Jetski Rentals)
  • Southern Spears Surf Shop (Non-Motorized Rentals & Beach Supplies)
  • Bennett's Beach Service (Umbrellas & Chairs)
  • Charlie's Beach Service (Umbrellas & Chairs)
  • Safari Beach Service (Umbrellas & Chairs)
  • Sendejas Beach Service (Umbrellas & Chairs)
  • Waterworks Beach Service LLC (Umbrellas & Chairs)