Concessionaire partners

The Park Board is committed to providing memorable experiences for all guests and beachgoers by partnering with businesses to provide services and products to enhance your day on the beach.

The Park Board invites all concessionaires and encourages minority owned, small business owners and local entrepreneurs to consider Galveston Island as your next business venture.

The Park Board manages concessionaire partners at Seawall Urban Park, Stewart Beach Park, R.A. Apffel Beach Park, Dellanera RV Park, East End Lagoon Nature Preserve, and Seawolf Park on Pelican Island.

Live Your Best Beach Experience!

Click the link above to find beach services that will make your day at Galveston Beach Parks even better.


Step 1: Read the Concessionaire Partner Program Overview for information about how the program works, pricing, resources and requirements.

Step 2: Review the Available Areas document to see which locations are accepting proposals.

Step 3:Complete and submit both the Application and the Proposal and submit with required documents and processing payment.

Step 4: Know the process of review and approval so you can monitor progress of the proposal.

Future Requests For Proposals (RFP) may be published on the Bids & Proposals webpage.  You can create an account to sign up for email notifications when an RFP is available in the Parks Department.  

The Park Board reserves the right to alter its Concessionaire Partner Program and policies at any time. 


Current and potential concessionaire partners with the Park Board of Trustees of the City of Galveston must complete the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire in accordance with Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code. In particular, please focus your attention to the following sections of the Code:
  • 1762 Applicable to Certain Vendors and Other Persons
  • 1766 Disclosure Requirement for Vendors and Other Persons: Questionnaire