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The Park Board of Trustees of the City of Galveston, is a governmental entity created by a special act of the Texas Legislature in 1962 for the purpose of directing all tourism efforts for Galveston.

The State of Texas requires that a 9-member board be appointed by the City Council, with 4 members appointed on alternate years for 2-year terms and a City Council representative appointed annually.

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The Park Board employs a full-time, year-round staff with additional seasonal employees as needed.


The Park Board of Trustees' (PBTG) vision is to lead Galveston and Texas in creating a tourist destination that promises memorable experiences and wonderful amenities and delivers lifelong memories that makes people want to return - and to bring their friends and family.


The Park Board of Trustees' mission is to promote Galveston Island, its natural resources, attractions, and heritage; to attract visitors to Galveston Island; and to assure that Galveston's assets, for which the Board of Trustees is responsible, provide visitors and residents with exemplary experiences in an environment that is safe, clean, accessible, fun, and environmentally sensitive.

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