Coastal Zone Management


We love our Galveston beaches and work hard to keep them clean, green and pristine for our residents, visitors, and wildlife.  We also work to inspire and educate the community to take action through environmentally responsible behaviors. 

The Park Board’s Coastal Zone Management provides day to day maintenance of Galveston's public beaches.  The Department operates a variety of programs:

Beach Cleaning

"Leave No Trace"

Wildlife Monitoring

Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

Seaweed Relocation

Beach Recycling

Setting up the new recycle bins at East Beach
Putting Lifeguard towers on East Beach
Cleaning steps of sand
  1. Larry Jackson

    Manager, Coastal Zone Management

  2. Maria Romero-Rato

    Administrative Coordinator, Coastal Zone Management

  3. Elizabeth Schneider

    Environmental Coordinator, Coastal Zone Management