RESTORE Projects

Galveston is poised to receive $10 million in funds for two ambitious projects that will enhance the East End Lagoon (EEL) and keep our beaches healthy.

In December, two Park Board projects – a pavilion at the EEL and a beach nourishment project – were two of the twenty-six projects included in Texas’ Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MIP), for the RESTORE program, accepted by U.S. Department of Treasury.

Governor Abbott and Commissioner Baker can now begin submitting grant applications for projects based on available funding. What order the projects will be submitted is up to the discretion of the above-mentioned offices.

“Galveston Beneficial Dredge”

The beach nourishment project is eligible to receive $4.5 million for the upcoming 2019 beneficial use of dredge material (BUDM) project. The project has a tentative construction start date of January 2019, which requires all funds be secured and available no later than August 2018. The total project cost is approximately $24 million dollars, which includes the $9 million local contribution of which the RESTORE dollars make up half. Remaining matching funds will be provided by the City of Galveston and Texas General Land Office. If the funds are not available in time the project most likely will not be constructed, passing up an opportunity to replicate a project done in 2015 that placed 629,000 cubic yards of sand along Seawall Blvd., which resulted in the creation of nearly one mile of new beach.

“East End Lagoon Phase 1A”

The East End Lagoon pavilion project could receive $1.4 million for the development of an elevated open-air pavilion with tables and benches, restrooms, an ADA-compliant “experience pier,” parking, signage, landscaping and interpretive nature trails. The project protects habitat, preserves the ecosystem, diversifies tourism, and promotes economic and ecologic resiliency. Architectural and Engineering plans have been developed and the Park Board currently holds a building permit to construct this wonderful amenity for the area. In other words, we are ‘shovel ready’ and simply need approval from the Governor’s office. The view and educational opportunities from this pavilion will be a major asset for the Texas coast.