The Park Board of Trustees of the City of Galveston is a champion of the environment. With many unique and sensitive ecosystems on the island, the Park Board is responsible for the management of the island beach parks and the cleaning of all 32 miles of beachfront. Throughout management decisions, Park Board staff consider environmental impacts a key element in the decision making process. We work closely with environmental partners to ensure best practices are being used in every situation.

Children looking at creatures on the beach
A bundle of fishing line and hooks
A group of volunteers with their trash collected
Three volunteers holding trash from a beach cleanup
A group of people taking a photo with the trash collected from cleanup

The Park Board's Environmental Programs and Initiatives

The Park Board has built a number of program and opportunities for everyone on the island to leave a positive impact on the environment, whether you are visiting or call the island home. 

We encourage you to get involved! Find out more about these programs below.

Learn About Our Programs

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  • Beach Business Ambassador Program
  • The Blue Flag Eco Award