Beach Toy Borrow Boxes

Wooden box filled with toys behind a lifeguard station on the beach

Beach Toy Borrow Boxes

The Park Board has placed 2 Beach Toy Borrow Boxes on the Galveston Beachfront to provide a location for children to have access to beach toys for free and as a spot to donate beach toys instead of leaving them on the beachfront.

The Coastal Zone Management team picks up hundreds of beach toys left on the Galveston Island beaches every day. We noticed many people leaving toys on the beach thinking that the next family would use them. Which, although with great intention, usually creates additional litter on the beach. 

This project was created as a result of the 2021 'Let's Talk Trash' roundtable series hosted by the Park Board for island residents. This roundtable experience gave the citizens of the Galveston community the opportunity to put forth ideas to mitigate the amount of trash ending up on the beaches we work so hard to keep clean.


Building the Beach Toy Borrow Boxes

A wooden box being built by Boy Scouts
Local Boy Scout standing in front of wooden box filled with beach toys
Wooden box filled with toys behind a lifeguard station on the beach

A Big THANK YOU to Donald Conley and BSA Troop 104 for building two Beach Toy Borrow Boxes!

The Park Board’s Environmental Coordinator worked with a local Boy Scout, Donald Conley, to build two of these Beach Toy Borrow Boxes as his Eagle Scout project. We are so thankful to Donnie, his family, and BSA Troop 104 for their time and commitment to the project.

A Big THANK YOU to the Galveston Children's Museum for building a Beach Toy Borrow Box at their DaVinci Day. 

To find out more about the Galveston Children's Museum and their DaVinici Day program, please visit

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