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Posted on: December 17, 2018

Setting Higher Standards for Park Board Concessionaires

From selling snow cones to renting chairs and umbrellas, small business owners, concessionaires, work to enhance the visitors’ experience. At Park Board managed parks, these concessionaires are expected to meet certain standards.

First, some background: the Park Board currently manages more than 40 individual concessionaires at Stewart Beach, East Beach, along the seawall beaches, Dellanera R.V. Park and Seawolf Park. Depending on the type of business they plan to run, their contracts can include range revenue sharing to paying a flat lease for space, plus an application fee. The length of the contract is determined based on the vendors’ proposed gross revenue.

Contract amounts are determined in part by a tier system that’s based on the surrounding amenities.

While it’s not a requirement for vendors, they’re encouraged to become Certified Tourism Ambassadors through the Park Board.

At a recent Park Board meeting, the trustees voted to make changes to the concessionaire agreements. Based on recommendations from the Parks and Amenities Advisory Committee, the changes are expected to make the bidding process more competitive.

The changes include reassessing the tier status system, tying contract renewals to an evaluation process, and providing incentives for vendors to follow environmental best practices. These best practices can include replacing single use plastics with renewable options.

The changes coincide with the Park Board’s recent hiring of a new parks superintendent, Dan Gundrum. Gundrum comes to the Park Board from the Chicago area with a depth of experience that goes far beyond the world of parks and recreation.

Gundrum has worked in both the public and private sectors, has served as an elected official and has also been an entrepreneur. One of the first items on his agenda is to continue to improve the level of service the concessionaires provide.

“I intend to raise the standard of excellence for the Park Board’s concessionaires,” Gundrum said. “I think the recent changes coupled with holding the concessionaires to a higher standard will make a significant improvement in the overall program.”

“The Park Board takes seriously the role we have to ensure that the public assets we manage are done with a level of care and professionalism,” Reuben Trevino, director of operations, said. “We think that bringing Dan into our organization and working to improve the level of service will be a great benefit to us and our guests.”

If you’re interested in becoming a concessionaire, visit

Park Board meetings are typically held at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesdays of the month at 601 23rd St. in Galveston.

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